Our Story
For tailored, goal achievement.
Our Story
We have seen extraordinary growth in the people that we work with. We watch with pride as they multiply their personal effectiveness. This is what drives C&D Consulting forward each day. We take great honor in watching our clients gain exponential results – as a result of C&D Consulting being a part of their journey to success. 

From the moment you join, you'll quickly feel part of our community. 

We're funny. Real. Vulnerable. Use occasional profanity. And really, really love what we do. We especially love being a part of our clients' stories and success'. We hope you join us - because the moment you decide to invest in YOU, life will take on a new meaning. 

All our best,
Christa & Declan
Get To Know Christa
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Christa Molter is the Co-Founder and CEO of C&D Consulting, a global company working with individuals and teams to create colorful legacies. She lives her passion daily by serving, inspiring, and moving people into productive ACTION which will create lasting results in their lives. 
Christa aspires to touch over 1 million legacies through social media, speaking events, and working 1:1 with clients. Her spark for life and ability to quickly understand your goals and leave you with a positive next step of action makes her a standout coach, consultant, and teacher. 
She brings over a decade of experience with a Fortune 500 company, excelling in complex project management, strategic sales, and building customer engagement programs from scratch. Her 10+ years of work contributed to over $300 million in revenue. 
Christa fell in love with her husband in high school, and together they are raising three spirited, ball-throwing, and fun babies (5, 3, and 1 years of age). Recently, Christa also became infatuated with Charleston, SC and visits there any chance she can get. 

Areas of Expertise include:
  • Business Management
  • ​Program implementation
  • ​Group facilitation
  • ​Time manager sensei
  • ​Speaker
  • ​Being awesome
Education & Community Work:
  • BA, Hillsdale College, Marketing Management & French
  • ​Certified Proctor Gallagher Consultant - Inner Circle Leader
  • ​​Certification in Project Management, George Washington University
  • ​Board Member, First Day Shoe Fund
  • ​Marketing Chairperson, First Day Shoe Fund
Get To Know Declan
Co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer

From long before you first connect, Declan O'Donoghue is thinking about how C&D Consulting can best serve you, and/or your team and company. He has 20 years of business management experience across the hospitality, health, and education sectors. His instinctive passion for helping people to realise their full potential is a key component of C&D Consulting’s ability to help individuals, leaders, and companies take a quantum leap in their results.

He is so grateful for stumbling upon the information he teaches every day. It has been responsible for a significant and rapid transformation in his results and the results of C&D's global client base.
His greatest win is the dream home in which he lives with his wife June, and their three healthy and happy children. It seemed impossible, but because of the personal and professional development programs that he and Christa teach, it became a reality inside 3 years. 

His mission is to use humour and authenticity to help people to calmly and confidently realise their true potential and life out their most ideal lives.

Areas of Expertise include:
  • Visionary
  • ​Challenges the accepted behavioral norms
  • Supportive of others’ growth
  • ​Leadership development, and connector of people and ideas
  • ​Speaker
  • Very serious about the importance of fun
Education & Community Work:
  • Degree in Business Management, CIT, Cork, Ireland
  • ​TCMCI CMATCM Degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • ​​Owner and Clinical director of Kerry Acupunture Clinics
  • ​Certified Proctor Gallagher Consultant – Inner Circle, Silver Pin Holder, and member of Bob Proctor's Million Dollar Round Table
"We empower our clients to realize their potential. Then live it."
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