Client Legacies
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Client Legacies
The passion for what we do comes easily when we get to work with such incredible individuals, teams, and companies. 

Fortunately, the feeling is mutual. 
"We empower our clients to realize their potential. Then live it."
It's really exciting to be part of a group that are all simultaneously so high-achieving and so supportive. What I love about it is that we all inspire each other with our successes and 'wins'. 
Christa and Declan encourage us to share our achievements with the group and there's a real sense of community being part of the C&D academy.

The course is fantastic, practical, structured and I like that it's feasible to incorporate into an already busy lifestyle.

I'm 2 months into the course and I've already noticed some fantastic improvements in both my personal and professional life. I think one of the key factors is that this program helps you get to the root of the issue rather than treating surface features.

A basic example with me is it helped me look at why my room was a mess and take stock of what was causing this habitual pattern. But the program is so much more than someone telling you to tidy your room! By fixing the root, the surface features adjust themselves.
This method applies to both personal and professional scenarios and creates success in all arenas of life. It has been quite wonderful to see these shifts in my own life already and I'm excited to see more exponential results as I continue!

Christa and Declan are fantastic coaches and their positive, encouraging energy radiates through the C&D academy. It's great to have people in your corner especially if you're like me and moving into a more fulfilling career without a clear defined pathway. They really believe in their clients and the road to success with this program is paved with their positive vote of genuine confidence.

Magan. C


My name is Paul and I have been participating in the Thinking into Results (TIR) program since September. First off, I’ve been a big fan of Bob Proctor for over a decade, after personally hearing him speak at a local church in Toronto. I knew at that time that our paths would cross again someday, and when @Declan J O'Donoghue and @Christa Molter presented the TIR opportunity , I didn’t hesitate to join.

So far in my quest to be better everyday , I’ve been so fortunate in having Declan and Christa “hold my hand” in dumping my old safe but unserving programs and boldly learning how to go to better and higher value programs.

Thank- you both for giving from the - I am happy and grateful for getting better everyday- cheers

Paul C.

My name is Andrea and I have been studying the Thinking into Results material since September. I have been shocked at what an internal transformation has begun to take place in my self confidence! The information presented has brought such awareness and has positively changed the personal and professional worlds I live in. Additionally, @Christa Molter and @Declan J O'Donoghue provide such consistent and practical insight into the studies that I am constantly encouraged and continually blessed. I am beyond grateful for their program and can’t wait to keep learning and growing. . . the sky really is my new limit! 

Andrea G.

Hello my name is Todd. I have been studying TIR with @Christa Molter and @Declan J O'Donoghue since September of this year. I have noticed such a huge transformation in my self awareness. Changing my paradigms has been life changing. All the information in the TIR program is so incredibly powerful that I know I will be going back over, reviewing and applying for weeks, months and years to come. Christa and Declan have been so encouraging and motivating in their teaching. They set the bar by being an example of what they are teaching. Thank you, thank you, thank you for introducing this program, I am forever grateful. 

Todd S.

My name is Allen and I have been studying Thinking Into Results with @Declan J O'Donoghue and @Christa Molter since the beginning of September. I am loving the way this program is changing the way I think about and perceive myself. Learning how to consciously change my internal paradigm is leading me to greater self confidence and is beginning to change the way I present myself to the world. I am so grateful to C&D for introducing this program and for all the valuable coaching they add into the program.
Thank you for this opportunity to grow! 

Allen d.H.

I have to say since working with Declan and Christa my wealth consciousness, and vision for what is possible for me has gone up 10X.  We are not just confident in our abilities, we can feel our goals are already done.
I just signed up a client last Sunday after doing one of Declan’s recommended exercises over the weekend! By growing my wealth awareness, quality people that have money for the gold pack started to naturally flow towards me.

Jacob R. 

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